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Lake Taupo

Wander along the tranquil shores of New Zealand’s great inland sea and discover its stunning wonders and quiet mysteries. Venture out onto its waters and contemplate the glint of sunlight glittering on its crystal surface and peer into the hidden shadows of its furthest depths. Launch yourself into its expanse of wide-open sky and marvel awestruck as it falls below you, filling your view... its majesty stretching to the horizon.

World-Class Fishing

Head out onto the tranquil lake or wade into its rushing headwaters, winding like shining ribbons through the verdant wilderness, and set your hook for a day of premier fishing. Whether you want to drift across the surface as you wait for a nibble or test your fly fishing skills amidst the lush beauty of native bush, you will enjoy some of the best trout fishing in the world regardless of season.

Intriguing Waters

Embark on a mesmerising voyage as you cruise across the largest lake in New Zealand, its ample waters filling the ancient depths of the dormant Taupo caldera. Explore its life-giving waters and discover its myriad wonders, from the favoured cultural marvels to the hidden secrets nestled within the bays and inlets that lie strewn along its stunning shoreline.

Spacious Skies

Spread you wings, take flight, and enjoy swathes of brilliant blue sky as you rise far above Lake Taupo, its dazzling surface receding to a sparkling gemstone below. Admire stunning vistas that stretch out in all directions… or take the ultimate plunge and dive from dizzying heights to plummet then abruptly soar, floating on the breeze, one with the scenery… awestruck.

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