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Geothermal Wonders

Discover ancient wonders and recent marvels as you explore the unique beauty of Taupo’s fantastic and otherworldly landscapes. Peer through the mists as they rise from the earth and waft on the breeze, carrying unknown tales of mystery. Relax in the restorative waters of heated pools nestled beneath the delicate beauty of silica terraces and experience the enduring whispers of history and tradition, echoes of ages past.

Orakei Korako

Experience ever-changing primordial landscapes as feathery mist rises from the earth and bubbling mud flows, constantly redefining the shape of the land. Visit sculpted silica terraces and vibrant prismatic pools and catch glimpses of unique formations and magical scenes as they come into view, only to once again vanish behind wispy cloaks of vapour.

Wairakei Terraces

Enjoy a relaxing soak beneath magnificent silica terraces, surrounded by native bush and natural beauty. Listen to the melodious trill of native birdsong as you luxuriate in the restorative waters, letting them revive you, body and soul. Sink into the arms of comfort and let the healing mineral warmth, long prized by the Maori, seep deep into your body and kindle your spirit. Enjoy the glow long after you depart.

Craters on the Moon

Take a scenic stroll through rugged, alien beauty as you leisurely explore the wonders of the Taupo volcanic field. Ramble along the geothermal walkways and marvel as you wind through coarse landscapes and otherworldly terrain. Let gentle tendrils of steam envelop you, transporting you to another time, where primordial forces shaped the course of rivers and moved mountains.

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