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Kinloch Manor

Original and Bold

Discover a stronghold dedicated to unique expressions and personal luxury… an enduring monument that stands guard over the land and celebrates difference. A retreat that reveres the unconventional, the modern, the daring… a contemporary shrine to individuality. Escape to a unique sanctuary where you can find true expression and be yourself… where your spirit can soar free.

Unapologetic Elegance

Explore airy elegant interiors where the old and the new converge… where contemporary luxury meshes with a hint of medieval flair to create sophisticated spaces that welcome and uplift. A place like no other, where modern design reigns and embraces a minimalist aesthetic, yet hearkens back to the richness and warm textures of baronial opulence.

Unabashed Individuality

Escape to a world designed for the strong of heart and bold of spirit… where intimate surroundings reward difference and embolden the brave; the perfect retreat for those who seek out the unusual and eschew the commonplace… who avoid the obvious choices... and seek to embark on extraordinary adventures that mirror their own uniqueness of character.

Uncompromising Character

Connect with the manifested dreams of kindred spirits... where every detail, every element, embodies bold personalities and pioneering vision and distils the spirit of its creators. Where grand imaginings find expression and bring to life brave choices that capture the richness of history, transforming it into a modern celebration of imagination and Kiwi ingenuity.

Stay With Us

Fortune favours the bold.