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Natural Beauty

Leave the tumult of daily life behind, take to the wilds, and explore the great outdoors... New Zealand’s natural wonders and stunning landscapes. Explore the quiet allure of alpine deserts, trek through the raw beauty of rugged volcanic terrain, or meander through the soothing lush greenery of native bush. Investigate every corner, every nook and crevice, and uncover unique new worlds, each suffused with its own distinct character and hidden secrets, waiting to be discovered.

Tongariro National Park

Trek through the raw splendour of the North Island volcanic plateau, traverse the renowned Tongariro Alpine Crossing, and explore the stunning beauty and natural diversity of this dual World Heritage area. Hike into sheltered valleys that conceal prismatic geothermal pools then ascend to dizzying heights where the land falls away and spectacular vistas stretch to the horizon. Let us arrange a private guide for your hike and gourmet backpack lunch, heli or private transfers.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Enjoy the warmth of the sun as it gently kisses your face and experience the serene atmosphere of the gorgeous countryside. Roam forest trails, meander through native bush, and reconnect with the natural world as it welcomes and soothes you. Let the whisper of birdsong carry you along, lifting your spirit, as you immerse yourself in the contented pleasure that arises from the companionship of sunlit glades and babbling streams.

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Cycling & Biking

Take to the trails and enjoy breathtaking scenery as you trace the shoreline for a pleasant afternoon ride… or chase exhilarating adventure in the bush-clad hills that rise from the depths of Lake Taupo. Choose your own pace… Enjoy a leisurely ride along the lakeside boardwalk, join the family at a mountain bike park for fun and adventure, or head deep into the bush to explore the wilds and push your limits. Set your wheels in motion.

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