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Local Culture

Discover a unique symphony of art and culture, where strains of long-standing tradition and notes of novel creation interweave and interact to compose a complex cultural symphony, the inspirational ballad of Lake Taupo. Explore the brash tones of artistic invention or follow the quiet strings of Maori tradition as they wind through the harmony. Let the melody carry you or join in the chorus and add your voice to the song.

Maori Tradition

Feel the awe-inspiring power of Maori tradition, of ancient legends and sacred rites… of moving performances and enduring hospitality. Face the fierce challenge of the haka and marvel at the power of sacred song as it bids you welcome, then share breath in quiet fellowship as the gentle whispers of the ancestors dance and swirl around you.

Inspired Creations

Wander through Taupo's myriad galleries and exhibitions as you explore endless works of wild imagination and unique beauty. Immerse yourself in the rich mosaic of artistic endeavor as you admire the magical creations of skilled artisans and craftsmen... dreams realised and brought to life... desire manifested in glorious pigment, wood, ceramic, and glass.

Indigenous Fare

Discover the diversity and richness of indigenous food as you embark on an expedition into the wilderness. Comb the native bush as you forage for wild ingredients, then return to the welcoming camaraderie of a traditional Maori hangi. Listen, rapt, as you share hearty food, friendship, and tales around the fire, rich legends spun into vivid life before you.

Stay With Us

Fortune favours the bold.