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Solar Spa

Slip away to an elegant secluded hideaway where you can enjoy peaceful moments and luxurious indulgences far from the little upheavals and frequent interruptions that upset the peace of your days. Find refuge far from your cares and worries and relax as you make precious time for your yourself… moments explicitly set aside to soothe and refresh you... body, mind, and soul.

Relaxing Moments

Retreat to a secluded world of contemplation where you can shed the weight of all of your cares, decompress, and unwind in luxurious comfort. Savour a soothing cup of herbal tea and sink into a realm of blissful reverie, perfect for reflection. Let calm and serenity envelope you in an atmosphere of quiet contemplation, where peaceful interludes revive and renew the spirit.

Tempting Indulgences

Pamper yourself as you sink into the soothing rituals and relaxing comfort of our luxury spa. Treat yourself to a glorious facial or enjoy a luxurious beauty treatment and discover indulgent moments as you succumb to the glowing benefits of our expert care. Surrender to temptation and emerge again as if reborn; share your radiance with the world.

Rejuvenating Touches

Shed your fatigue and wash away the dust of endless adventure, of long days and bold journeys, and seek relief in the comfort of our attentive care and healing touches. Take your ease with a well-earned massage and feel your aches fade away until weariness becomes just a memory. Arise rejuvenated and refreshed, once again ready to follow where your heart leads.

Solar Spa Menu

Explore our luxurious day spa and discover indulgent treatments and rejuvenating therapies.

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