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Unique Experiences at Kinloch Manor & Villas

Strike out into a mystical world full of natural beauty and endless wonder. Chart your course and let the estate light your way, a guiding star through parts unknown and adventures unfamiliar. Take heart in the conviction that a warm hearth awaits you, a welcoming beacon shining out over the shores of the great inland sea… ready for your return at journey’s end. Fix your gaze on the horizon. Face the world unafraid.

Solar Spa

Escape to a luxurious hideaway where you can shed your cares, relax, and enjoy peaceful interludes that are solely yours… precious moments set aside just for you. Sink into luxurious comfort and enjoy your own private retreat, a haven from daily cares and unwelcome distractions where you can reflect and rejuvenate to reemerge refreshed and renewed.


Lake Taupo

Head out for a day on the brilliant blue surface of Lake Taupo and probe the hidden secrets concealed within its azure depths and the secluded mysteries nestled along its verdant shores. Cruise across the gentle swells, angle for the perfect catch, or enjoy stunning the views from the air… connect with the life-giving waters that define and sustain us.


Natural Beauty

Take to the trails and explore the glory of the stunning New Zealand countryside. Visit well-known wonders and discover hidden gems as you trek through the wilds and let curiosity be your guide. Remove the barriers that separate you from the natural world… get your feet wet and your hands dirty… make contact.


Endless Excitement

Get your heart pumping and set your pulse racing as you pursue unique thrills and exhilarating adventures in the heartland of New Zealand. Put aside common pursuits and let bold actions and brave deeds set the tone and let your accomplishments tell the tale. Embrace the impossible and dare to walk the paths that others fear to tread. Be fearless.


Geothermal Wonders

Wander through surreal landscapes and marvel at bubbling clay pools and delicate prismatic formations as they surge from the earth, covering its surface in riotous abandon. Stroll through the drifting mist as steam vents from the tortured ground, wafting across your view and transporting you to another, more primordial, realm.


Local Culture

Join in the vibrant tapestry of local life and explore the interwoven elements that support and shape our ever-changing world. Spark your imagination and delve into authentic experiences and stirring performances... from indigenous arts steeped in tradition to modern expressions that reflect the deepest yearnings of our hearts. Find what moves you.


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Fortune favours the bold.